Hi! I'm Charlie Cochran.

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Hi! My name is Charlie Cochran and I have been the Avenue Realty office dog my entire life. I am the sort of dog that loves everyone I meet (except if you are wearing sunglasses and a hat while carrying something suspicious). I take my job at the office very seriously. Every day when someone comes to the office I wag my tail and make a really big deal of their arrival. This sort of thing makes humans really happy.

Sometimes when my human friends need a break from work I let them dress me up in silly things and take my photo for Instagram. They laugh a lot when they do this and then they feel they can get “back to their day”. I don’t mind doing it because it makes them so happy. Except for the one time they put me in a dog hoodie and the hood was covering my eyes for awhile and no one noticed. But we have learned to tuck the hood in so I can continue to wear my “Ruff time selling your home? Call me” hoodie.

I am also really good at sitting by their feet so they can pet me when they are on a phone call that seems to be upsetting them. That mostly happens when they start saying the word “contract” a lot. I know its really bad when they close their office door to take the call. That’s when I wait outside the door until the call is over so I am available for pets and hugs when they tell the other people in the office about what happened.

I don’t want to come across as bragging, but I have won Employee of the Quarter every quarter. If it is a fact, that means it isn’t bragging, right? Sometimes I think maybe one of the humans will get the award but so far that hasn’t happened.

If you come by the office, they leave a jar of treats at the front desk. Feel free to grab one and give it to me. I may bark upon your arrival even though I know I am not supposed to. Honestly, it is fun to hear everyone in the office yell, “Charlie! Stop.” Usually that is followed by a treat to keep me quiet. Humans are so easy to train! I can’t wait to meet you (and get a treat)!

A few of my favorite things

Favorite way to spend a day off

I like to spend the day off going for long walks and hiking with my family.

Favorite places in Charlottesville

My favorite places in Charlottesville are the downtown mall. I absolutely love the smells of all the restaurants.

Favorite hobby

Watching the movie "A Dog's Way Home". I love to read. I am open to all genres of books as long as it involves cuddles and permission to be on my human brother's or sister's bed.

Favorite sporting activity

Without question, playing chase with my friends. I also find myself watching lots of baseball.

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