Hi! I'm Belinda Rushing.

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I come to Avenue Realty after leading marketing and customer service teams for my entire career. If I had to sum up my past work in one sentence it would be this: I have been focused creating relationships with customers that keep them engaged and coming back. I am really excited to put this experience to work at Avenue Realty.

Home buying and selling are among the most significant transactions we make, often coinciding with other significant milestones in our lives. Whether you are downsizing, having children, getting married, getting single or just growing up, you need someone to take the time to know you, your needs, and to make the experience as smooth as possible.

A few of my favorite things

Favorite movie

Impossible Question! Romantic comedies are always a hit with me. Say Anything, You’ve Got Mail, and As Good As It Gets come to mind. And, I can’t resist fun movies, like Kingsman, quirky movies, like The Dressmaker or High Fidelity, or movies that tear your heart and make you think, like The Help, or Moonlight.

A perfect Saturday

Meandering through our beautiful area, visiting local restaurants and shops, and hanging out with friends.

Favorite hobby

I love Audiobooks. I listen at every opportunity. Mowing the lawn, cooking, and driving are chores that are so much better with a good book. I seldom have time to read for fun, but I can sneak a lot of audiobooks into my life!

Favorite places to travel

Although I think our area in the Blue Ridge is the MOST beautiful, it’s fun to go somewhere completely different. New York City is my favorite city, and it’s always an adventure. For a change in scenery, I love the Northern California Coast, Utah, New Mexico, and the Gulf Coast. All are very different from home and amazing.

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