Episode 9: Serving organic and locally sourced ingredients on a food truck with Jessica Hogan

Episode Summary

In this episode of Charlottesville Connected, Amy Cochran speaks with Jessica Hogan of Farmacy Food Truck. Originally starting as a superfood smoothie subscription delivery service, Farmacy now is a Food Truck that aims to give people peace of mind and a place that stands for humanely raised animals and by-products without hormones and antibiotics.

The Food Truck makes tacos, burritos, quesadillas and still serves some of the smoothies originally created before it switched to a different business model. The company aims to source food from local establishments as much as possible.

“Doing the neighborhoods since COVID started has been cool. But it’s always a challenge to plan because you don’t know how many families are coming.”
– Jessica Hogan

Tune in to hear Jessica’s experience of owning a food truck operation within the city of Charlottesville, VA.


  • Jessica discusses the origination of the Farmacy Food Truck and how it got started as a merger with another establishment
  • Jessica discusses the challenges of running a food truck and planning for business during COVID
  • Jessica talks about how she sources food from local establishments
  • Jessica covers the process of operating a food truck and working with local neighborhoods to provide healthy food.