Episode 4: Working to end domestic violence in our community with Sarah Ellis of Shelter for Help in Emergency

Episode Summary

In this episode of Charlottesville Connected, Amy Cochran welcomes Sarah Ellis of Shelter for Help in Emergency. The two discuss the need to work together to end domestic violence within the Charlottesville, VA community.

The Shelter for Help in Emergency works to support and empower victims of domestic violence through a combination of residential, community-based and outreach services. With 16 positions for a staff of 22 full and part-time employees, and the benefit of over 5,000 volunteer hours per year, the Shelter for Help in Emergency provides services to over 400 adults and children annually.

“We started very small back in the early days of what was known as the battered women’s movement. This is when people were getting together and just helping. Women leave dangerous situations and people would put them up in their own homes. But then that moved to a proper shelter situation. And that’s what we’ve been doing now for a good number of years.” – Sarah Ellis


  • The origination of Shelter for Help in Emergency
  • An outline of a typical day at the shelter
  • A 24-hour hotline available to help anyone in need
  • The challenges of identifying domestic violence situations
  • How you can get involved and help the cause

About Sarah Ellis

Sarah is the Fundraising Coordinator for Shelter for Help in Emergency. Sarah has been working with the organization for almost ten years.

For more information about Shelter for Help in Emergency and donating, visit: https://www.shelterforhelpinemergency.org

About Amy Cochran

Amy is the Co-Owner of Avenue Realty, LLC. She and her husband, Darian Cochran, started this journey together ten years ago. She found a career in real estate when she realized that buying a home is more than a business transaction, it’s a monumental life event. Being a part of life changing events is exciting and she finds that sharing these moments with people is an honor. Amy believes it is her attention to detail and devotion to helping others be their happiest that makes real estate a successful venture for her.

Although the business side of real estate is extremely important, she finds the personal side of it equally as important. Amy has never “sold” anyone a house. What she does is listen to her clients and assist them in making decisions that are best for them and their family, while managing the business end of purchasing a home.

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