Episode 2: Realtors Coming Together for a Greater Cause with Stasia Rice of Avenue Realty

Episode Summary

In this episode of Charlottesville Connected, Amy Cochran welcomes Stasia Rice, Real Estate Agent at Avenue Realty, to discuss Avenue to Happiness, a movement creating more happiness in our community during covid-19, as well as her experience being a realtor and mom of three boys. Stasia speaks on how rewarding it is to give back to others and what it’s like to celebrate birthdays during the pandemic.

Stasia speaks on the challenges of transitioning her kids to blended online schooling, while offering tips and tricks for juggling virtual school, work, and home life during the pandemic, including bullet journaling. They explore why working at home can be so difficult and stressful for some people, why Stasia was drawn to realty, and what she finds to be the most rewarding parts of being a realtor.

“If you were gonna ask me like what do I miss the most about how [life’s] changed, it’s going to closings and being able to just like be there at that part where they’re like, ‘It’s finally done and over!’… and hugging them!” – Stasia Rice


  • What Avenue to Happiness is and how it has impacted Stasia
  • The beauty of the realtors coming together to work for a greater cause
  • Tips and tricks for balancing virtual school, work, and home life
  • Why working at home can be difficult and stressful
  • Stasia’s journey in realty + What realtors miss most about life pre-coronavirus

About Stasia Rice

As a real estate agent, Stasia believes that her role is to make the whole buying and selling process as stress-free as possible. Buying and selling a house is an exciting life event and she feels honored to have helped so many people through that process successfully. She wants you to feel like you have a trusted advisor in her, someone who has your best interest – not JUST closing the deal – at the forefront of her mind. Earning and keeping your trust is the only way she sees that people can feel confident and comfortable going through this big step in life. She doesn’t see you and your house as a transaction… it’s a relationship that she values and so she acts accordingly. Stasia’s goal is to become your REALTOR for LIFE!


She’s so thrilled that she has found a way to create deeper meaning in her career and now has a way to give back to her community by providing excellent service throughout the home buying and selling process.


For more information about Stasia and to contact her, visit: www.avenuerealtygroup.com/real_estate_agent/stasia-rice

Connect with her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/stasiamakingithome

About Amy Cochran

Amy is the Co-Owner of Avenue Realty, LLC. She and her husband, Darian Cochran, started this journey together ten years ago. She found a career in real estate when she realized that buying a home is more than a business transaction, it’s a monumental life event. Being a part of life changing events is exciting and she finds that sharing these moments with people is an honor. Amy believes it is her attention to detail and devotion to helping others be their happiest that makes real estate a successful venture for her.

Although the business side of real estate is extremely important, she finds the personal side of it equally as important. Amy has never “sold” anyone a house. What she does is listen to her clients and assist them in making decisions that are best for them and their family, while managing the business end of purchasing a home.

For more information about Amy and to contact her, visit: avenuerealtygroup.com/real_estate_agent/amy-cochran