Episode 14: Fluvanna Louisa Housing Foundation

Episode Summary

In this episode of Charlottesville Connected, Amy Cochran speaks with Kim Hyland, Executive Director of Fluvanna-Louisa Housing Foundation—a private NGO on a mission to help elderly, low-income, and disadvantaged residents of both Fluvanna and Louisa Counties with their housing needs.

“Empowerment is huge for us. It’s a terrific word for our organization and what we help people get by addressing their needs.” —Kim Hyland talking about Fluvanna-Louisa Housing Foundation’s dedication to improving people’s living conditions and their quality of life.

Tune in to hear more about the noble role of the Fluvanna-Louisa Housing Foundation.


  • Fluvanna-Louisa Housing Foundation in a nutshell according to Kim Hyland
  • Kim explains the interesting concept of recycled funds leveraged by her organization
  • The community-based approach of Fluvanna-Louisa Housing Foundation – neighbors helping neighbors.
  • Kim discusses the empowerment role of the Foundation and the different programs they run
  • How do people become aware that these programs exist?” – Amy Cochran
  • Kim discusses the current and future plans of the organization with regard to funding
  • Teaching younger generations and raising awareness
  • Kim explains the similarities between Fluvanna-Louisa Housing Foundation and Habitat
  • The 0% interest rate offered by Fluvanna-Louisa Housing Foundation
  • Kim Hyland expounds on tax-deductible donations
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