Episode 12: Region Ten

Episode Summary

In this episode of Charlottesville Connected, Amy Cochran speaks with Joanna Jennings with Region Ten, a local Community Service Board working to provide mental health, developmental disability and substance use services.

“To me the greatest expression of empowerment is to go through the program and complete it and then come back and work for the agency. It is a really really wonderful aspect of Region Ten.” Joanna discussing Region Ten’s Peer Support Service

Tune in to hear more about Region Ten and Community Board Services.


  • Joanna explains the history of Region Ten and who is eligible for their services
  • Resilience During COVID and other training sessions are available to the public
  • Joanna and Amy discuss the challenges that students are facing as they return to school
  • Joanna offers advice on what to say to your child who may be nervous about in-person school
  • Joanna explains what is happening in our brain when we are met with trauma and understanding the science can help us respond appropriately
  • More about Region Ten, their services and events can be found on their website www.RegionTen.org