Episode 11: Families Helping Families

Episode Summary

In this episode of Charlottesville Connected, Amy Cochran speaks with Amanda Alger and Daisy Rojas, founding members of Families Helping Families. This is a newly established organization is designed to help all students in Albemarle County succeed academically by removing obstacles that may hinder academic success.

“Some schools have less funds than others to support the needs of the students. Through COVID those differences became very stark. This is a community effort. We can’t just rely on the schools and it is very hard for families who are struggling to do it themselves.” – Daisy Rojas

Tune in to hear more about Families Helping Families and how you can receive assistance or get involved.


  • Families Helping Families strives to create more equity in the Albemarle County public schools
  • Daisy and Amanda explain how the program works closely with the county schools
  • You can ask for help or nominate a family in need confidentially on the Families Helping Families website
  • Obstacles to learning is more than just wifi and tutors, it is also the need for clothing, heat, food, etc.
  • Everyone is invited to learn more about helping the Albemarle student community by joining the Families Helping Families newsletter distribution list and attending the open meetings
  • Visit www.albemarlefhf.org to learn more and get involved
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