Episode 10: What it’s like to be Charlottesville’s favorite DJ with Kevin Graham

Episode Summary

In this episode of Charlottesville Connected, Amy Cochran speaks with Kevin Graham, the local DJ that everyone listens to in the morning. Kevin talks about his first exposure to a local radio station and how this inspired his own career path.

Kevin got his start playing music at parties and transitioned into a mobile DJ business. Then, after internships and several applications, he ultimately landed a role at a station.

Kevin explains how everyone’s journey to becoming a DJ is quite different. At the end of the day, Kevin describes how it takes a lot of effort to break into the stations on a local level. Emails, phone calls and drop-ins.

“There are kind of two different personality types for DJs. There is the outgoing type that loves to be in front of people, loves to get on the stage. And there’s more of the introverted side where they’re bigger than life on the radio when you hear them. But really, truly in real life, they like to be at home.”
– Kevin Graham

Tune in to hear Kevin’s experiences of being everyone’s favorite local DJ in Charlottesville, VA.


  • Kevin talks about some of his earlier roles as a mobile DJ and interning at a local radio station
  • Kevin explains how it takes perseverance to become a DJ
  • Kevin talks about the close-knit community in the “DJ world” and how everyone seems to know each other
  • Kevin breaks down the award received from the Virginia Association of Broadcasters for “best promotion”