Top 10 Restaurants in Downtown Charlottesville

While many know Charlottesville, Virginia as the home of United States Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, the city has a large assortment of things to do and places to go. In addition to activities, there are a wide variety of dining establishments that make the experience at Charlottesville more memorable. Here is a list of 10 of the top restaurants in the downtown area.
  1. Hamiltons at First & Main is a terrific fine dining experience for adults and college students. Open for lunch and dinner, Hamiltons has a wide-open design, filled with windows that pour in sunlight. When the weather gets pleasant, folks can enjoy the outdoor patio. Live music featuring jazz musicians is every Wednesday and Saturday nights.
  2. Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar, located in the Downtown Mall, has a variety of dishes featuring Caribbean, South American and Mediterranean flavorings. Chef Alex George is the executive chef and co-owner who brings style and excitement to all the dishes. The atmosphere is elegant and relaxed.
  3. Located off Bond Street, Travinia Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar offers patrons Italian food with an American accent. Guests can choose from a select amount of exclusive wines and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner with an authentic environment.
  4. The Lafayette Inn has a terrific dining restaurant geared toward couples. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Lafayette Inn seeks to create the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable experience. Choice wines, candlelight dinners and more are all at the Inn.
  5. The Downtown Grille, located in downtown Charlottesville, is a fine dining establishment that focuses on classic American food. Maine lobster, Midwest beef and other ingredients make the meals quite enjoyable. The atmosphere is exquisite with comfortable seating and cloth covered tables.
  6. The C & O Restaurant first opened in 1976 and is located off East Water Street. Originally a bunkhouse for a railroad, C & O Restaurant has a fine assortment of tradition American foods and dishes. Inside the restaurant, various dining sections include a covered patio and a bistro. The Terrace offers an unforgettable outdoor experience with gardens and fountains creating a comfortable ambiance.
  7. Bella’s Italian Restaurant is a small, cozy restaurant, which focuses on a family environment with traditional Roman Italian food. Owner Valeria Bisenti brought the style and taste from her native Rome to America to Charlottesville. The result is an unforgettable experience for people of all ages.
  8. Located off West Main Street, The Whiskey Jar serves classic southern food, with local ingredients coming from the restaurant owned farm. The food is authentic and delicious while the atmosphere is delightfully relaxed. At various times of the year, The Whiskey Jar features performances from an assortment of entertainers thus enhancing the overall dining experience.
  9. Ten, a Japanese restaurant that features traditional, savory dishes, provides diners with amazing seafood selections and creative food presentations. Folks can choose between fresh water eel, Hawaiian king prawn, quail eggs and much more. The ambiance creates the perfect environment for Far East dining.
  10. Shebeen offers a break from the normal American fare. Influenced by South African cuisine, this restaurant gives locals a chance to experience unique food right in downtown Charlottesville. If you want to get a sense of what to expect, the restaurant features a number of videos on its website.