Summer Camp Options in the Charlottesville Area this Summer

Are you looking for an excellent summer camp destinations in Charlottesville to enroll your kids for fun, memorable, educational, and safe activities?

Summer camps play a crucial role in the physical, emotional, and social development of children. The blend of educational content and unstructured learning experiences make summer camps an excellent training ground to help kids unlock their potential. Some of the skills learned and meaningful relationships are built to create a firm foundation that serves your kids well into their adulthood.

Finding the best summer camp for your kids comes down to two main factors: your child’s interests/talents and the facility’s offering. While there are tons of possible options in the Charlottesville area, here are some of the more renowned.

iD Tech

Dubbed the #1 destination for STEM education, iD Tech offers one of the most distinguished summer tech programs in North America. The programs are hosted in top universities across different states. Residents of Charlottesville can enroll their kids and teens in the iD Tech Camp held at the University of Virginia.

They promise to help your kids learn and hone in-demand skills—ranging from design, robotics, game development to coding. And with an alumnus of over 500,000 kids and a team of elite instructors recruited from top universities and companies (Disney, Google, EA, etc.), there’s little reason to doubt them.

PS: The 2021 iD Tech summer camp at the University of Virginia is a virtual event due to setbacks caused by COVID.

Triple C Camp

Triple C is a year-round 35-acre day camp in Charlottesville owned by Libby and H. The traditional camp environment offers all kinds of adventurous activities designed to foster independence, promote friendship, challenge the kids, and encourage them to explore new things. Expect swimming pools, horse riding, nature education, ropes course, and zip lining to excite your kids thoroughly.

The plethora of engaging activities aside, Triple C Camp stands out for its personable approach. The staff at the summer camp take extra measures to understand and meet the needs of each child. It’s much like a home away from home.

Camp Holiday Trails

Camp Holiday Trails is the idea of a team of pediatricians from the University of Virginia—who envisioned a safe yet adventurous camp for children with medical needs. The year-round non-profit summer camp is built on a culture of creating connections and promoting independence, fun, and compassion.

Since its establishment in the early 70s, Camp Holiday Trail has given thousands of children with diverse medical diagnoses a chance to safely experience the outdoor environment at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Hive Kids Camps

Got kids with a knack for art and creativity? Enroll them to The Hive Kids Camp for summer classes to unleash their inner Picasso.

The Hive is an arts and crafts bar where artists meet, interact, and share inspirations for their crafts. They offer a Kids Camp, where children get to learn a wide variety of craft-making skills.

This includes a Sewing Camp, a Doll Camp, Sculpture Camp, Screen Printing Camp, Photography Camp, and even an opportunity to create an actual storybook.

For your safety, The Hive Kids camp follows all recommended COVID safety protocols—resulting in limited enrollment spots to the programs.

ACAC Summer Camp

While most summer camps specialize in a specific theme, ACAC Summer Camp has something for everyone. Whether your kids are into arts & crafts, sports, dance, camping, cooking, or nature, they’ll feel right at home.

By addressing the needs of different children, ACAC Summer Camp offers a great platform to discover new interests and interact with people from diverse backgrounds. This is great for real-world experience.

Brooks YMCA Summer Camp

Brooks Family YMCA in Charlottesville is a 79,000-square-foot full-facilities with tons of amenities for the whole family. This includes a community room, a play zone, a walking track, gymnasium, basketball, fitness center, and indoor pools.

The facility offers an activity-heavy summer camp for school-age children. The camp is divided into themed weeks, whereby kids participate in all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities. You can also apply to the Sports Camp for more specialized activities.

Mountain-Kim Martial Arts Summer Camp

If you’re looking to help your kids (age 4-12) hone self-defense skills while improving their self-confidence, discipline, coordination, and physical fitness, Mt. Kim Martial Arts summer camp in Charlottesville is your heaven-sent destination.

A team of certified instructors and highly-trained staff take your kids through traditional martial arts classes to refine their skills in a fun environment. They also arrange field trips to local attractions, among other exciting activities.

Although this list highlights some excellent options based on user experience, we advise you to do your research before concluding.

And remember: While picking out the best summer camp for your children, always ask what you want them to gain from this experience?