Eight Do’s & Don’ts To Selling A Home Over Christmas

Do decorate your home for the season.  If you’re selling your home during the holidays, you can still enjoy traditional Christmas decorations. However, make sure they don’t block notable features of your house and allow easy access for potential buyers. Avoid potential hazards such as tripping over cords or damaging antique ornaments.

Don’t be a scrooge. Let potential buyers know that your home is full of holiday cheer during Christmas time.

Do keep your home clean and tidy. Neat, clean and clutter free homes sell fast and for top dollar when you’ve priced your home to sell. Make an impression, make a sell.

Don’t make showings difficult. It’s acceptable to close the door for showings during significant holidays like Christmas, but on other days, it’s important to allow buyers to visit. Sparse showing times can result in a longer time on the market and lower offers from buyers.

Do bake your favorite holiday cookies, cakes and breads as there’s nothing better than the smell of freshly baked goods to welcome a prospective buyer. Have you ever walked into a home that has just taken bread or cookies out of the oven? Heavenly. Indulge in baking, just remember to clean up after yourself. And if you’re not #2, you could leave some goodies out for your guests, the prospective buyers; it doesn’t hurt to sweeten them up!

Don’t leave out small, highly priced, valuable wrapped presents under the tree. Protect your valuable gifts just like you would protect your jewelry by keeping them out of sight to eliminate the temptation.

Do sell your home, if selling a home is in your plan. If the plan is to sell your home, don’t shy away from putting it on the market during Christmas. With any big decision, a solid plan is key. And when it comes to selling, you want to lure in those eager buyers. Good news is, during Christmas time, they’re in an even jollier mood!

Don’t be surprised when you indeed sell your home over Christmas. It happens and it can happen to you, particularly in a seller’s market where buyers are eager for homes to buy.  Imagine celebrating on New Years Eve for having sold your home over the Christmas Holiday season!

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