Episode 1: Chatting Avenue to Happiness with Melissa Dunn of Avenue Realty

Episode Summary

In this episode of Charlottesville Connected, Amy Cochran welcomes Melissa Dunn, Real Estate Agent at Avenue Realty, to discuss Avenue to Happiness, a movement creating more happiness in her community during covid-19, as well as her experience in the real estate industry. Melissa speaks on her inspiration behind creating Avenue to Happiness and how it has touched both her and countless families in Charlottesville. She details how she carries out the fun operation, which for the most part, she does with her husband or kids.

“This is a year like no other… you really don’t know what to expect.” – Melissa Dunn

Melissa then talks to us about the real estate industry from her perspective, touching on what she expected going into it and what it really takes to be a realtor. She emphasizes how much fun she has staging houses and how she loves that people put their full trust in her. Melissa speaks on the challenge of absorbing the difficulties of buying or selling a house while keeping a smile on her face and shares a few tips on balancing work life and personal life.

Tune in to hear Melissa’s experience as a realtor during covid-19 and what her buyers and sellers are saying about it, as well as how she’s seen the pandemic change the way people conduct business.


  • What Avenue to Happiness is and how it works
  • The Expectations vs Reality of real estate
  • How Melissa finds a work/life balance
  • The impacts of covid-19 on the real estate industry and market
  • What will life be like five years from now?

About Melissa Dunn

Having worked in Marketing and for an Appraiser in the past gives Melissa an extra edge as your Real Estate Agent. When it comes down to buying or selling your home, a keen eye for design, innovative thinking and marketing, and the ability to pull the right comparable properties (aka “comps”) is key. She looks forward to listening to your desires and giving you unparalleled service, guidance, and research through this journey as you become part of their family at Avenue Realty.

For more information about Melissa and to contact her, visit: www.avenuerealtygroup.com/real_estate_agent/melissa-dunn

Follow her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/melissaenjoysrealestate

About Amy Cochran

Amy is the Co-Owner of Avenue Realty, LLC. She and her husband, Darian Cochran, started this journey together ten years ago. She found a career in real estate when she realized that buying a home is more than a business transaction, it’s a monumental life event. Being a part of life changing events is exciting and she finds that sharing these moments with people is an honor. Amy believes it is her attention to detail and devotion to helping others be their happiest that makes real estate a successful venture for her.

Although the business side of real estate is extremely important, she finds the personal side of it equally as important. Amy has never “sold” anyone a house. What she does is listen to her clients and assist them in making decisions that are best for them and their family, while managing the business end of purchasing a home.

For more information about Amy and to contact her, visit: avenuerealtygroup.com/real_estate_agent/amy-cochran